Discovering Lucca

Lucca is a city in Tuscany famous for its intact renaissance-era city walls and its 100 churches.

It is a charming town rich of artistic treasures and hidden attractions.

The best way to discover Lucca is walking along the old city walls.
Interesting to know is that the walls of Lucca are the only ones in all of Italy to be completely accessible on foot, bike or car.
They make up 4 kilometers of panoramic walkway overlooking the city of Lucca.

As you cross the walls into the city, you will enter into the heart of the town, which represents an example of Italian architecture style.

Don’t forget to visit the Duomo, the main church of the city, and the roman amphitheater, a square which has maintained its particular oval shape, typical of ancient roman amphitheaters.
The amphitheater square is crowded by local restaurants and shops; during the summer period, events and concerts usually take place here.

The most comfortable way to rich Lucca is by car. Therefore we suggest you renting a car with a private driver.
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Private driver Lucca