Discovering Parma

Parma is an Italian city in the region of Emilia-Romagna.
It is known for architecture, music, art, prosciutto (ham), cheese and the surrounding countryside.

Parma is home of one of the oldest university in the world; the University of Parma, and for this reason, it attracts interesting people and many students.

Foodies and music lovers are the main tourists in the city; Parma is home of parmesan cheese and Parma ham, or prosciutto;
the Teatro Regio, one of the best opera houses in Italy is located here, moreover the city was the birthplace of Toscanini a famous Italian conductor and musician.

Parma is well known for local food in general and not only just for cheese and ham! Pasta and sauces, meats, bread, and wine are only few of the traditional dishes.
Don’t forget to visit Piazza della Ghiaia in the morning, when one of the best markets in Italy is hold every day!

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